May 5, - When you finally get to the vagina, focus on other parts before zooming in “On clit sucking specifically: Some women like this, others do not.

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Vagina sucking tips

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Use smooth, steady, slow rhythmic licks. This becomes easy with practice. It takes a really great and confident lover to ask for feedback during hot sex. Fingering her pussy as you lick her vagina is very arousing.

Vagina sucking tips

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Sixty-nining is an incredibly arousing experience. The pussy is sensitive and dry when a girl is not turned on. The truth is that they like it a lot and that there are a few things you can do to make them enjoy it even more.

Vagina sucking tips

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Don't just dive in. Stay On the Mountain Until She Comes All you have to do now is to combine everything I shared with you in this article while staying on top of the mountain.


Pussy eating is a delicate matter, so don't thrust your finger too vigorously. You can tell how sensitive she is from her reaction. It takes a while to get used to this double action, but it is easy once you figure it out.

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I love it when my man uses ice cubes. Men, if you look like you are really enjoying yourself, too, it makes all the difference.

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Some women like a consistent rhythm when getting eaten out. Women are just normal human beings with normal insecurities. Not to mention hearing him enjoy himself gets me off even harder.

Dec 1, - He said that none of the girls he's been with have ever come from head. Holy shitballs, dude. Perhaps it's because you suck at sucking pussy?!‎The next page · ‎How Long Is A Blow Job · ‎NSFW. Mar 19, - If you're going down on a vagina, learn these breathing and jaw And lick your hand so that it's super slippery when you need to give your lips. Here are some of the best tips we've received from women. Having had my pussy licked, sucked, eaten, and savored by both men and women, I can tell you.

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Another thing that makes me crazy is when my guy moans or growls while kissing and licking my pussy. When they're in, he starts to lick and kiss my clit, and once they're melted a little, he'll suck them out one by one. Make noises when you're eating the pussy.

Vagina sucking tips

Nothing is more frustrating than a hesitant tongue. The vagina is structured in such a way that when you penetrate her with your penis, you can technically hit all the pleasure spots.

Vagina sucking tips

Vagina sucking tips

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  1. Nejin says:

    Give her the feeling that there is nothing she has to worry about.

  2. Kazralmaran says:

    If someone just dives in and attacks my clit, uses teeth, has no variation in technique, then I will probably still orgasm; however, I will be too sore to go again for hours or even days. The vagina is structured in such a way that when you penetrate her with your penis, you can technically hit all the pleasure spots.

  3. Samuzshura says:

    Think about licking ice cream…your favourite flavor… thick broad slow soft strokes using the middle of your tongue.

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