Dec 15, - Just give him signals to get him into the mood. What do you get? He only throws it back to you like the most unromantic man. Then there's more.

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Unromantic husband


It just goes on to show that he wants to have a say in the realm of where he literally has no entry. What I am trying to say is that marriage despite being an extremely important institution is not exactly in tune with the nature of men and consequently tensions are bound to occur. There is nothing romantic about joining a team of women. He only throws it back to you like the most unromantic man.

Unromantic husband

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The complaints of women are perfectly justified. The man you thought you had pretty much known before you married emerges differently with time.

Unromantic husband

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Always glued to laptop and mobile: Not participating in the activities that you wish to do:

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Once he is settled, instead of spending time with his wife, he sits in front of the TV and starts switching channels. Forgetting your birthday makes you think you matter the least. Only by investing more and giving their spouses the deserved attention and respect, can a marriage actually work.

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I am not trying to stereotype here or over generalize but the fact is that due to environmental factors or the way we are brought up by the society and evolution, men and women have developed different mating and sexual patterns. I have asked several of my friends and their wives and generally with minor differences the story is the same. But what are the causes for this male behavior? Forgetting your birthday makes you think you matter the least.

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You both go out together but there is nothing to talk. It is expected that men will stay faithful to one wife.

Feb 4, - They are hardly expressive and prefer the company of their friends or sit in front of the TV sets rather than being intimate with their wives. Why Are Husbands Generally So Unromantic. By Raza Habib Raja, Contributor. A PhD Student and freelance writer. 01/05/ pm ET | Updated January. Sep 16, - Be thankful for a truly caring spouse with deep feelings. I think romance is something that can be taught and retained. Most guys struggle with  What does it feel like to have the most unromantic husband?

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Yes, ask him to get over these addictions. An expensive gift is not always necessary, but to hear him greet you on your special day can make a lot of difference. He might just learn the lesson, thanks to the bitter pill.

Unromantic husband

Always glued to laptop and mobile: Marriage in many ways signals that real "finality" for her. Asking you what you want for your birthday:

Unromantic husband

Unromantic husband

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    When your husband asks what you wish for, it sounds like he wants to play it safe.

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