Feb 3, - "The Four Deuces" was the headquarters of Al Capone's mob operations. It was a furniture store on the first floor, under the name of "Al Brown".

The four deuces speakeasy

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Four Deuces as it is today. An investigation by newspapermen,whom have entered the place incognito, show that there are two entrances at the Four Deuces. One can only wonder. This takes place during prohibition at a Speakeasy and there may be references to booze.

The four deuces speakeasy

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Families and law abiding citizens began to move out of the Wabash area, which was now becoming seedier by the day. Prostitution has now moved up to the top fourth floor.

The four deuces speakeasy

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Capone quickly elevates to manager and part owner in less than 2 years. Visit our Roaring Twenties Theme Party Page for costumes, decorations, recipes, menus, instructions for 's hairstyle and make-up, a 's Slang Dictionary and much more! Four Deuces bricks remanants and photo of circa 's Special thanks to Joe Walters and Bryan Lloyd Mario Gomes collection Date of the building's demise has been surmised by a visit of a New York architectural collector by the name of Ivan Karp.

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He re-enters his establishment and resumes his card game. It only occaisonally makes the news.

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Karp mentioned that he had removed a architectural mask from the front of South Wabash when he happened to be passing through Chicago. My research has pinpointed him in Chicago March of , which is probably when the building went down.

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Four Deuces as it is today. Please see A Killer Reunion or Class of

Dec 15, - Infamous cast of characters from the “Four Deuces Speakeasy. Pat Smith. For the first time ever, the SaddleBrooke Francophiles donned period. Don and MeMe Wannabe are hosting the grand opening celebration for their new Speakeasy, The Four Deuces, and you are invited to attend. The Four Deuces. Feb 3, - "The Four Deuces" was the headquarters of Al Capone's mob operations. It was a furniture store on the first floor, under the name of "Al Brown".

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On April 9th,, it is reported that a 73 year old woman at South Wabash apartments decides to end her life in kerosene filled bathtub that is self ignited. Dever, one who will have no part of this type of establishment. Four Deuces as it is today.

The four deuces speakeasy

One can only wonder. While this transition is made, they still maintained an office at South Michigan Avenue. This was at the time of S.

The four deuces speakeasy

The four deuces speakeasy

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