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It releases no volatile organic compounds VOCs. Low mass walls have an additional benefit in high seismic activity zones , where they translate into less force shaking the structure during earthquake events. At the job site, walls can be handled with light equipment. A studcast wall is both frame and skin.


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For a low-rise structure - for instance a school or commercial building - a fork lift is all that is needed to erect a wall. This is a two-fold environmental benefit:


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It has a built-in cavity for insulating materials and utilities. For reference, a six-inch panel of ordinary precast concrete weighs about 70 psf.

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This is a two-fold environmental benefit: A studcast wall is both frame and skin.

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The strength-to-weight ratio is high. It can be dropped into place and bolted down, framing and enclosing the structure in a single step.

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The low mass of the wall requires smaller foundations. These composite walls can be made with as little as two inches of concrete thickness, as compared to six-to-ten inches for the typical precast panel. Both materials are widely available and relatively affordable; the benefit of studcast lies in joining them in a complementary and affordable manner that eliminates each of their disadvantages.

See Tweets about #studcast on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Studcast concrete, also called "pre-framed concrete", combines relatively thin concrete layers with cold formed steel framing to create hybrid panels; the result is. Listen to episodes of the Stud Cast: The podcast of the legendary Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller. Click on one of the titles or buttons below to go to that episode.

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Because each square foot of wall weighs so little, transportation-related energy consumption and pollution are kept to a minimum, as is shipping cost. Both materials are widely available and relatively affordable; the benefit of studcast lies in joining them in a complementary and affordable manner that eliminates each of their disadvantages. Studcast is a hybrid precast wall system that is lightweight, sustainable , fast-erecting, and compatible with a wide range of designs and architectural finishes.


A hybrid between architectural precast concrete and panelized light-gage cold-formed steel framing , studcast walls combine the best features of each material in a way nullifies each material's weaknesses. Large panel sizes are practical to cast and light enough to handle with lighter equipment, resulting in fewer panels to erect and fewer panel joints to seal.



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