May 7, - It's that time of year again - the wedding season is here! If you're new to the country and have never attended a Spanish wedding, The Local brings you a few . Five Spanish New Year traditions to bring you luck for

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Spanish marriage customs

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During the church service, the front rows are reserved for close family. Whether you are a bi-cultural couple willing to tie the knot in a fantastic English venue , someone who has been invited to attend a bi-cultural wedding as a guest, or simply looking for a wedding theme that is meaningful to you and your other half, this blog post is for you! Once the reception begins, the festivities continue into the night with dining and dancing. A bride in her wedding dress.

Spanish marriage customs


Sometimes the mantilla can be worn without a peineta, directly on the hair, or with a very small peineta. They are said to represent Jesus Christ and his apostles, so they not only have a religious connotation but also a practical one since they represent a dowry, a pledge of the new groom's willingness to support his wife. Single ladies will wear theirs upside down.

Spanish marriage customs


Tell us by leaving a comment below! Spanish Weddings Weddings are one of the most important types of celebrations in Spain. During the reception, the bride and groom will pay a visit to each of the tables, carrying a basket with wedding favours to give away!

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Afterwards, the banquet follows tradition; much like an average Spanish family dinner, the meal is served late around 10pm and is an opportunity to socialise. Here are ten tips to help you prepare. A typical custom is to throw rice or rose petals as the couple exits the place where the ceremony has taken place, but many traditions have changed over time. The groom's mother walks down the aisle with her son.

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One of the traditional customs in Spanish Catholic weddings is for the bride and groom to share 13 coins known as arras or unity coins, which represent their commitment to sharing the goods they have and will have in their future together. The bride is then accompanied by her father, who is also next to her throughout the ritual.


Unfortunately, the hardest part is deciding how much money to gift. The same goes for men — dark suits and ties are expected. It's an enjoyable affair that could last two or three hours.

May 15, - Spanish weddings are usually traditional catholic ceremony, but Historically, the night before the wedding, hand lanterns were used to light the. Dec 6, - big social occasion that is a Spanish wedding, says Adam Goldthorp. weddings are big social occasions with many fascinating traditions. Feb 15, - Spanish Wedding Customs & Traditions. Wearing a White Wedding Dress. Traditional Spanish Wedding Dress. The Veil. Bridal Veil. The Rings. Wedding Rings. Las Arras. Spanish Traditional Wedding Attributes. Throwing Rice. Throwing Rice in Spanish Weddings. Tossing the Bouquet. Tossing the Bouquet. The Garter. The Garter.

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Traditionally Spanish brides tend to favour orange blossom, as its whiteness symbolises purity and matches her bridal dress. The meaning of this ritual varies according to whom you ask.

Spanish marriage customs

Parador Santo Estevo Wedding Rings Engagement rings in Spain are scarce; the importance is placed on the wedding rings! Accessories Spanish weddings are littered with quirky accessories.

Spanish marriage customs

Spanish marriage customs

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    Traditional Spanish bodas or weddings usually follow the Catholic tradition and may have at least guests.

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    This document certifies that the couple has married. One of the responsibilities of the godfather a sort of Best Man equivalent is to be in charge of the wedding bouquet , and gift it to the bride on the day of the wedding, alongside a poem written by himself or borrowed.

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    Their presence and role represents the strong bond that holds Spanish families together. Whether you are a bi-cultural couple willing to tie the knot in a fantastic English venue , someone who has been invited to attend a bi-cultural wedding as a guest, or simply looking for a wedding theme that is meaningful to you and your other half, this blog post is for you!

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    This document certifies that the couple has married.

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