The fastest way to request street cleaning in SF. See something gross? Snap a photo and share it with us. Get it on Google Play. Privacy Policy.

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The city is grappling with human waste on public streets stemming, in part, from the area's homeless population. You should be able to pull out your phone, take a photo and send it to the city to have it cleaned up. You should be able to pull out your phone, take a photo and send it to the city to have it cleaned up.


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By Hannah Fry Oct 08, 1: Snapcrap had been downloaded nearly 1, times in less than a week following its launch, Miller said. It sends a report to San Francisco's hotline. Crews in San Diego last year began power-washing sidewalks in the downtown area with a chlorine solution after a hepatitis A outbreak.


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The city also has a app where people can report feces, as well as other things like graffiti or the need for streetlight repairs or tree maintenance. Adds comment from San Francisco Public Works.


The app could prove to be helpful. Snapcrap, which launched on iOS last week and on Android on Tuesday, uses your phone's GPS to determine the exact location of the feces.

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To help combat the problem, it established a " Poop Patrol " in August, made up of five public works employees who patrol the streets and steam-clean dirty areas. The city receives roughly 1, requests each month for human and animal waste cleanup, said Rachel Gordon, a spokeswoman for the Public Works Department. San Francisco is working to deal with its dirty streets as it struggles with issues of homelessness.

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San Francisco leaders have been grappling for years with its dirty streets. This article was updated with information about sanitation efforts in Los Angeles and San Diego. It sends a report to San Francisco's hotline. Prepared messages that can be sent to the city along with the photo range from succinct to humorous.

Oct 23, - SAN FRANCISCO: A freshly launched Snapcrap app is out to turn San Francisco smartphone users into poop-spotters. The free mobile app. Oct 3, - No, Snapcrap isn't a weird bathroom parody of Snapchat. The new app released on Tuesday to iOS users is trying to help clean up the dirty. Oct 26, - After realizing the workflow could probably be reduced to just two clicks, the idea for Snapcrap was born. Unfortunately, we were all too busy.

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The fact that San Francisco is one the most popular cities in the world and we have people living in fear who are scared to walk to work or take a bus is simultaneously heartbreaking and infuriating. But it might not be very pleasant for the city employees who'll be receiving all these poop pictures. Gordon said human waste often is found between parked cars, doorways or other places that provide some sense of privacy for individuals.


Los Angeles in recent years has grappled with cleaning up homeless encampments , a move that officials say is necessary to protect against diseases like hepatitis A, which can be spread through contact with fecal matter. The app uses cellphone GPS to track the specific location of the mess and creates a ticket so that users can keep tabs on their complaints.



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    This comes at a time when San Francisco, like other major metropolitan cities in California — including Los Angeles — are struggling with staggering numbers of homeless individuals in their communities. The SoMa neighborhood where Miller lives has 3, homeless people, the largest such population of any neighborhood in the city, according to the report.

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