A Pisces man and a Sagittarius woman will require a lot of patience in order to sustain this relationship. A Sagittarius woman lacks the ability to provide the warmth of winter to him when he requires the most. On the contrary, Pisces man tries to cage her, not letting her to breathe the cool breeze of freedom.

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Pisces man and sagittarius woman in love

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If only this couple could find a way through their differences, they could teach other a great deal. Once they get close to each other, their process of learning will begin and both partners will be fascinated by each other, thinking that their relationship could never end. Unfortunately, the level of intimacy will rarely be satisfying for any of these partners.

Pisces man and sagittarius woman in love


Their sex life will have ups and downs, excitements and disappointments, too many expectations and a lot of surprises. Sagittarius partner is too passionate and loves to have a lot of options when it comes to relationships. If they want to make it work, they have to work on it.

Pisces man and sagittarius woman in love

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The Pisces man, on the other hand, is romantic and coy. He has tender emotions and is very lenient but never weak with his romantic partner. Have unresolved questions about your love life? It is like they are both hungry for happiness in a dark world they have stumbled upon, and when they meet someone this fascinating it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to enjoy.

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When dealing with a problem, he is able to easily assess the pros and cons of the situation. A Sagittarian woman is outgoing, adventurous and an extrovert while a Piscean man prefers to stay at home and what one can regard as an introvert. This combination of fire and water has the potential to last forever. Sexual Chemistry The Sagittarius woman is intense and passionate — and if the Pisces man wants to keep her happy in the bedroom, he will have to learn to be more aggressive.


Lean on Me Despite his ability to analyze the pros and cons of just about any situation, the Pisces man tends to have a hard time making a decision. Her love will fluctuate between complete infatuation and annoyance. With patience, this pairing can learn to ride the waves of life together. Her being friendly and charming makes her easy to like and love.


A relationship between these two individuals can work out despite their differences. A Vicious Circle There are problems too in how the couple want to live their lives.

Aug 20, - This is a question that a Pisces man and a Sagittarius woman have to face when they share a relationship. Will their love last and endure or will. Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility. Both the Sagittarius and Pisces are somewhat restless in love. As they develop the tendency to look beyond their relationship to fill up the holes in their relationship. A Sagittarius woman is a very independent woman with a particular charm and an outspoken nature. The relationship of a Pisces male with a Sagittarius female is an amazing blend of love, affection and respect. They acknowledge and appreciate each other for.

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Since he avoids arguments, he will tend to not say anything which will trigger her temper and impatience. However, he is also the type who can easily get swayed by other people even in his decisions.

Pisces man and sagittarius woman in love

Being an independent individual, she does not want to get tied down by her man and is also persistent. She is inquisitive and extremely optimistic. He will find the constant uprooting emotionally distressing, and will beg the Sagittarius woman to settle down.

Pisces man and sagittarius woman in love

Pisces man and sagittarius woman in love

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    As soon as any problems start to arise, they will both feel their emotions fade, as if the entire relationship was superficial.

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    Although they might be opposites, there are traits present in these two individuals that will attract them to each other.

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