May 15, - From one of my favourite blogs, Naked Capitalism, here is a great piece on Barack Obama. If Mitt Romney defeats him in November, the.

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Obama the great deceiver

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Fact is, the far left is seething too. During the campaign, Obama pandered to anti-trade union members by attacking free trade with gusto. Engelhardt depicts a malevolent leader without using that word. Many areas of commerce have advantages to scale, so successful operators will come to wield financial power, which they can turn into political clout.

Obama the great deceiver

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In many ways, Obama has simply taken the Reagan playbook to the next level. Similarly, the beatification of Obama for his support of gay marriage gives him more credit than he deserves for a cold, political calculation. Now, that is the Most Effective Evil war mongering imaginable. Obama can talk a good game at an activist meeting, but in the end, he is smart enough to know what could irretrievably harm the country.

Obama the great deceiver

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A pattern has been established. As Lambert points out: This a not a battle but a crusade, and takes more guts and tenacity than showing up and voting, or giving money to preferred candidates.

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The frequently criticized Dodd Frank is one example, but the poster child is Obamacare. You need to be part of making it happen.

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But Republicans have been straightforward about their love of policies that favor the wealthy, their hatred of labor, their belief in American military dominance. But his actions are detrimental not only for their overweening, super-hero-like force, but more often, for serving vested interests by being deliberately weak, badly watered down versions of real reforms and correspondingly, notice how often Obama maintains he was boxed in by intransigent Republicans, when in fact they serve as convenient scapegoats for what he wanted to do anyhow? But there are norms for political lying.

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Reagan was effective in promoting the idea that freedom was tantamount to economic choice. Does anyone, even Obama, now remember what he promised during the campaign? And if he cares to, he can send a robot assassin to kill you, whoever you are, no matter where you may be on planet Earth.

Nov 17, - The Great Deceivers: Obama, Mary Landrieu, and the Democrats . It has also been exposed that Obama and his great deceiver minions used. May 26, - If Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator, Barack Obama is the Great Deceiver. Time and again, from the beginning of his presidential. Oct 23, - It was a little much when President Obama said that he was "offended" by the suggestion that his administration would try to deceive the public.

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Now, that is the Most Effective Evil war mongering imaginable. His party has control of the House of Representatives and an almost-filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. And seething for a good reason:

Obama the great deceiver

As Lambert points out: It is hard to see a policy of drone strikes that have and will continue to kill innocents, a continuation of extraordinary renditions, and assassinations of American citizens merely suspected of terrorism, in any other light. There will be enough to drown a large country.

Obama the great deceiver

Obama the great deceiver

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  1. Vujar says:

    Some close observers pointed out his past legerdemain, for instance, his misleading account of his years in New York , his record of fronting for finance and real estate interests in Chicago , his promise to bring a state-wide health care program to Illinois, which in the end was walked back to a mere study.

  2. Brazuru says:

    Readers of this blog are likely to argue that they have a jaded view of Obama, but still regard him as preferable to Romney.

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