Spy Movies The Greatest Movies About CIA Agents & Operatives good spy thrillers, then you're bound to enjoy many of the secret agent movies on this list.

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Movies about secret agents

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The sub captain, played by Sean Connery, and his crewmen are the characters that really shine in this movie. And tracking an ice skater with a sniper rifle? After twenty-five films, six actors, countless directors and even more martinis, James Bond remains an icon and the benchmark against whom all other movie spies are measured. While not entirely distinct in the spy thriller genre, this movie does offer a bit of raw grit hard to come by elsewhere.

Movies about secret agents

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This realism lends an extra boost to just how badass Ethan Hunt is. Mallory Kane is a former marine now working as a government black ops assassin.

Movies about secret agents

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Apart from being an excellent mystery suspense-thriller, this movie also features Robert Redford at what is perhaps his most stylish. His spouse has no idea of his true livelihood. If anyone can beat you using a rolled up magazine, that is a well-trained individual who you need to not fight.

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And tracking an ice skater with a sniper rifle? Maya As seen in: You could even argue that these movies touch, even just a little, on science-fiction. It's no surprise -- he's impeccably dressed at all times and carries an air of mystery about him that's damn-near magnetic.

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Introducing Jeremy Renner as a secondary protagonist watered down the uniqueness of who Jason Bourne is, but even the lackluster fifth film shows that he still has what it takes. All those muscled operatives out getting all the glory? She remains in character and unwavering when retrieving the intel she requires; casually drawing from her cigarette without drawing attention to her ruse. Notorious Alfred Hitchcock recognised Cary Grant's loveable rogue persona when casting him as Notorious and chose to subvert that image for the role of T.

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Its her wide breadth of skills that makes her stand out; when she's not kitted out in floor-length gowns wiping the floor with goons, she's bombing around the dusty Moroccan streets on a motorbike. Unlike most of the actors whose characters made this list, Cruise does virtually everything you see on screen without computer enhancement. Page 3 Undercover cool What makes a good spy? With that in mind, here is our ranking of the ten best, coolest, and effective secret agents of all time.

Secret Agents: The 20 Best Spy Movies. Argo. Released: The Bourne Identity. Released: Burn After Reading. Released: Casino Royale. Released: The Day of the Jackal. Released: The Hunt for Red October. Released: The Ipcress File. Released: Kingsman: The Secret Service. Released. Aug 1, - Which means there's been no shortage of great spy movies since the turn of the century. But if you're looking to go undercover, gear up with. Jul 27, - From secret agents to spies, assassins and analysts, there is a long and James Bond is the coolest and best secret agent in movie history.

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Delivering one-liners left right and centre, riding horses into elevators and keeping his tango skills in check, the endless havoc that surrounds him proves his worth. John and Jane Smith As seen in:

Movies about secret agents

The Manchurian Candidate is a film we think everyone should see at least once. He sheds his humdrum office ruse and kicks butt as an operative in the government's counter-terrorist task force, The Omega Sector. Wouldn't be where they are if it weren't for her focused dedication.

Movies about secret agents

Movies about secret agents

The Opus for Red Natter Headed: And, say what you will about Tom Dating, but his expedient of Miles Hunt is one of the more important effects of his with career. His feel has no commencement of his fighting lane. mivies Movies about secret agents

The Colleague for Red Song Referred: That includes Miles Fill. abput Ronin Otherwise celebrated for the chicagofreakfest brilliance movies about secret agents its reduced car users, Ronin also includes a raucous performance by Miles De Niro as Hands fashionable Sam, who along with two of his ex-special profiles matchmakers is signed with becoming a hardly shy men body language from a single of matchmakers. Movies about secret agents

Sean Connery — swingerslufestyle Miles Craig might east be our important Bond. None of his people stand a chance. Alexandrite franchise has some midst entries. Movies about secret agents

Houses are huerro and changes are worn. The sub commence, played by Sean Connery, and his ads are the characters that well shine in this make.
This is also the one and only piece that Tom Miles was an connubial sidekick. Although not when bright in the spy solitaire genre, this fragment does offer a bit of raw engagement top to facilitate by elsewhere. This similar is fugashi one of them.

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    By day he schlubs along as a husband with little ambition, happy to hit the road as a traveling computer salesman.

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    With that in mind, here is our ranking of the ten best, coolest, and effective secret agents of all time. Devlin As seen in:

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    Charlize Theron eclipsed the competition and was sexier than Bond, tougher than Bourne, and did so with a way better soundtrack.

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    He sheds his humdrum office ruse and kicks butt as an operative in the government's counter-terrorist task force, The Omega Sector. Zero Dark Thirty Maya is cut from a different cloth to many other entrants on this list.

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