Feb 12, - Here are 35 romantic songs to choose from when picking a song that perfectly . What are your favorite musical theatre love songs?

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Most romantic musical songs

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There are so many! And I don't even smoke! Chicago July 10, I'm a total sap and hopeless romantic, so of course this list had to be made.

Most romantic musical songs

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Slightly more than words. Yet in his first musical, I find these lyrics striking. Because he's just my Bill A bona fide classic.

Most romantic musical songs

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I'll sleep in your embrace at last. Everyone else is wrong.

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It's about love at first sight, that unexplainable feeling of finding true love from across a crowded room. I'm not aching for love by any means but I just think that's a great sentiment. Our 11th annual Valentine's Day gift to you asks simply:

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Gorgeously poetic yet simple lyrics paired with such lush but restrained music. I bet if you looked at any other list of best love songs of all time, this would be at the top. They contrast because with "My Man," there's a undertone of triumph in heartbreak and longing, and with "I Got Love," it's literally all about that fresh new love and what emotions are like when it's first starting!

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Even Miss Saigon, that tragic love story, with "Sun and Moon. But also "One Hand, One Heart" is beautiful.

My favorite, most romantic Broadway love-song ever is "Some Enchanted Evening. Christopher Sieber - Chicago, Shrek the Musical, Matilda, Pippin. It's just about the most perfect love song written for the theater. I think that this show is the most romantic Musical ever written, and that song just captures so. If you're into musical theatre, you know that many of the best songs are not There are just a few of the most wonderful, magical love songs ever to grace the.

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You just need someone to open your eyes and your heart. And, there are so many more I could have included because nobody does love like Broadway. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein and music by Jerome Kern.

Most romantic musical songs

The perfect love song. This song speaks of the surprise and exhilaration of love discovered between two unlikely hearts.

Most romantic musical songs

Most romantic musical songs

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  1. Zut says:

    All they ask of each other is love. Because this week, I just couldn't narrow it down.

  2. Doura says:

    It's the sweetest song and it's not a traditional love song, it's not romantic love.

  3. Musida says:

    Jump to a Star: One of my good friends was disappointed that this one didn't make it on the list of songs that make me cry, but it earned its place on this list!

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