Mars in Virgo in the birth chart – read all about your Virgo Mars Sign. Emphasis on your sexual nature.

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Mars in virgo male

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However, because this is part of a series of eclipses falling in Cancer-Capricorn, we can extend this range further. Woo him via expensive lingerie and a filthy vocabulary.

Mars in virgo male


Mars can cause you to feel desirous, but he knows how to control it. So does the spotlight, the stage, and everyone else.

Mars in virgo male

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Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: The object of his affection must be well-versed in the latest pop phenomenon or tech craze. They are very sensitive to and understanding of their partners body. Gemini Mars is the eternal student of sex, so keep them interested by being willing to learn about new positions, toys, etc..

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Those whose personal planets are activated by the degree of the eclipse will most feel its effects on a personal level. Try it, I swear it works! They can be very routine in bed.

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They respect nature and the way it works and understand that working out should be a regular routine for optimal health. Mars in Virgo is a perfectionist and can be very particular and fault finding. Men with Mars in Virgo are highly irritable. Other notable Mars in Capricorn people include a host of pop stars, including but not limited to:

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They stay on top of their hair situations and may even get manicures from time to time. Mars in Virgo can nag and criticize endlessly. With the potent Capricorn energy of the Solar Eclipse, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this Moon cycle. Something in the way he walks and talks attracts admirers from far and wide.

Oct 7, - If Mars in Virgo is hot for you, he appears to be at your service. But when it comes to relationships, there's much more to this complex. Sep 24, - If you have Mars in Virgo you are The Back-to-Basics Lover. to Catherine of Aragon when she failed to produce a male heir and take another. Mars in Virgo makes you service-oriented by nature, and your advice is generally coming from a helpful place. Even if people resist hearing it at first, they.

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Their stomach areas are their erogenous zones. Other notable Mars in Sagittarius people include party goddess incarnate, Rihanna. However, because this is part of a series of eclipses falling in Cancer-Capricorn, we can extend this range further.

Mars in virgo male

They can be very obsessive about working out —not necessarily for reasons of vanity. They tend to be very down to earth, grounded and relatable. Unlike Aries, however, he prefers darkness and mysterious tactics.

Mars in virgo male

Mars in virgo male

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    A sophisticated lover, Virgo Mars is turned off by anything that vibes vulgar.

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    Try it, I swear it works!

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    They can have amazing stamina if necessary. Mars in Virgo is a perfectionist and can be very particular and fault finding.

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