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Manly drinks

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Tetanus is as good a garnish as any other. Save the other stuff to drink by itself. This drink consists of 2 oz of Bourbon or rye whiskey poured over a glass containing a sugar cube, a splash of water, and some bitters. Not for the faint of heart who are afraid of a little curdling.

Manly drinks

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This one is too easy to mess up- simply fill the shot glass with whiskey, drop the full shot glass into the full mug of beer, and drink immediately. There is nothing complex about pouring a glass of whiskey. Pour the scotch and drambuie into an old fashioned glass filled to the brim with ice cubes.

Manly drinks

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Like the other two depth charges, it requires a quick chug. Often seen in a martini glass, the ingredients are, again, like most of these drinks, simple: This is the one drink on the menu that has multiple variations, but the manliest of them all is also the easiest to make. Leave the bud lights to the boys at the next cookout, and pop open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon instead.

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Garnish with a lime wedge. Irish Car Bomb Another famous bomb shot. Yorsh The absolutely brilliant Russian tradition of mixing vodka with beer. Bourbon, two fingers, neat Nothing says rugged simplicity like drinking whiskey straight.


To think, the drink that many would order just to increase their alcohol content has now given way to connoisseurs of the taste. Which makes it perfect drink for the regal type — wise, strong, and restrained.

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Often seen in a martini glass, the ingredients are, again, like most of these drinks, simple: For one, the majority of them taste like diabetes and the others can hardly be called an alcoholic drink. And that depends on what type of man you really are.

Before you hit the bar take a look at these top 50 best manly drinks for men. This is the most comprehensive men's bar guide on the planet! You thirsty yet? The 7 Manliest Cocktails Not sure what to order at the bar? Try one of these stiff, classic, manly drinks. Written by Gus Penton. What makes a cocktail manly? May 30, - Shot glass for snake bite drink. Whiskey on Water Glass. Glass for Rusty Nail. Old Fashioned Cocktail Glass. Manly Manhattan Cocktail Glass.

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Available in a variety of options for your own use, or as a gift. Young and Angsty The Avenger: Greyhound Originally detailed as a glass of grapefruit juice with a shot of gin added and served over ice, modern tastes have changed the recipe to substitute vodka for gin.

Manly drinks

If you wear knickers, add sugar to the rim. In my free time I travel around the world with my wonderful wife where we get to visit some of the oldest bars and restaurants and try some of the best food and drink in the process. Share There are two things no self-respecting man should ever get caught holding:

Manly drinks

Manly drinks

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    Leave the bud lights to the boys at the next cookout, and pop open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon instead. Boilermaker The boilermaker is a classic dive bar drink combination — a shot and a beer.

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    If you want to get fancy with a garnish, a maraschino cherry or an orange slice will do just fine.

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    It is the perfect wine to pair with steaks and smoked meats, making it the idea wine to order out at a steakhouse or to have at home for dinner from the grill. No tips here, just make sure to leave a tip for your bartender.

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