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Maldives bitun

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Among the monuments of the Islamic period, the most important is the Gen Miskit , a neat compound including a coral stone mosque, an ancient graveyard and a well. One of the pre-schools in Fuvahmulah.

Maldives bitun

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The channel connecting the lagoon with the ocean was closed by massive coral boulders in the past. A similar case occurred in the Funaado-Dundingan boundaries to the south of the island.

Maldives bitun

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The soldiers fired back, and one man of the island was shot in the head and died instantly. The wood is durable in water and resistant to termites.

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Almost every house in the district has a mango tree. Places of interest The Wathaniya now has been changed to ooredoo communications antenna:

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This school has been a successful primary school throughout the years. The Regional Fire Services, Maldives Police Services, and locals contained the fire, within 2 hours after the fire started. Found in the center of the district. Dhadimagu This is the largest division of the island, [7] [8] located on the north-west of the island.

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P Bell says in his monograph, throughout history Maldivians themselves have fairly judged Fuvahmulah to be the most beautiful island in the Maldives. The Fire Service was called immediately. The oldest building in Fuvahmulah. This school has been a successful primary school throughout the years.

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This natural event attracts hundreds — possibly thousands — of locals who love to go to watch it. One of the four primary schools in Fuvahmulah. In the past, Fuvahmulah was a small coral atoll whose southern end was open at a spot called Diyarehifaando and the inside of the island was a saltwater lagoon forming a natural harbor.

Maldives bitun

Retail business is a main source of income as well. A smaller mound, about 15 feet in height, is located near the Havitta. Confused by the number of voracious tuna shoals in the water and by aggressive frigate birds hunting them from the air, the flying fish would end up flying close to the beach.

Maldives bitun

Maldives bitun

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    Its sands are formed by white small round pebbles, which are unusually smooth and shiny.

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    One of the pre-schools Kindergarten in Fuvahmulah. In the past, a chief 'Katheeb' was appointed in charge of the day-to-day affairs of each ward of the island as was done for the remote islands of the other atolls.

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