Fort Lytton defended Brisbane continuously from colonial times until after WW2. The historic fort consists of about a hectare of colonial buildings, tunnels and.

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Lytton brisbane

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Lytton Hill and the heavy anti-aircraft battery remain inside the refinery. The fort was designed by Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Scratchley.

Lytton brisbane

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The fort's last significant defence operation was in October when the signals station was used to gather intelligence on the "Indonesian coup" which resulted in rise to power of General Suharto who would later be appointed as president. Aside from its military importance, the Fort also claims a place in history as an airstrip once used by Australia's most famous aviator, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

Lytton brisbane

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Two movable steel boom net gates blocked the river between Kinchela and the fort, and were opened and closed by a large winches mounted at Fort Lytton and on Kinchela. Good accommodation options can be found nearby at seaside Wynnum.

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The fort's last significant defence operation was in October when the signals station was used to gather intelligence on the "Indonesian coup" which resulted in rise to power of General Suharto who would later be appointed as president. Hotels, motels, hostels, self-contained units and holiday rentals are all available. Colonial Era[ edit ] Fort Lytton was built in in response to a fear that a foreign colonial power such as Russia or France might launch a naval attack on Brisbane or its port, both of which were located along the banks of the Brisbane River.

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The government did not favour cavalry, as mounted soldiers could be recruited from the police force in an emergency. Constructed more than 30 years before the outbreak of World War One, Fort Lytton's role was to protect the city and its shipping routes from naval invasion. The suburb is home to Fort Lytton, built as a first line naval defence between and

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Many other defence activities were based at Fort Lytton including a signals station, a radar station and a heavy anti-aircraft battery. The signal station was significantly upgraded at this stage, including upgrades to radio equipment, masts and aerials antennas. In the mid s a redoubt mini-fort was constructed on the hill to serve as a lookout and as a base for the infantry and field artillery units that were needed to protect Fort Lytton from an attack by land.

Fort Lytton is Queensland's foremost military exhibit, with extensive historic fortifications, Queensland's largest military museum and regular military. Maps of directions of Lytton QLD, for locals and travellers. Easy to use driving directions. Lytton, near the mouth of the Brisbane River and Port of Brisbane, is one of the most historically significant areas of Brisbane.

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At the time the fort was built, Brisbane had fewer than , people, with an annual trade worth more than four million pounds. BYO gas barbecue as fires are not permitted in the national park.

Lytton brisbane

Australian War Memorial Fort Lytton On a grassy outpost in the industrial reaches of Lytton lies Fort Lytton , the heritage listed remains of Australia's only surviving moated 19th century fortress, the so-called birthplace of Queensland's military history and one of several forts that were built in the 19th century to protect the country's coastline.

Lytton brisbane

Lytton brisbane

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