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I did the coding for The Last Ninja 3 intro. He was then in charge of the mastering, so when I went down to see the tape duplication machines, he slipped the screen in there. It's all my fault really. My last real work on the C64 was the presentation graphics for Turbo Charge with a sick end sequence.


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Rob Hubbard, although I thought Martin Walker was excellent! All the Rowland's games. The control method was adjustable for different gameplay styles, as was the parallax starfield some more disorientating than others.


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All my C64's have long since gone to silicon heaven. The changes we made as time went on made the graphics tasks enormous and we relied too heavily on Rob to come up with the game levels.

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The very first idea was a breakout type game using up to four linked sprites in the border as the bat, loads of power-ups and very arcade like. And I'll leave it at that!

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Scimiatar, a kind of Sinistar clone with huge amounts of bullets and very nice graphics, was started. Strange, cause at the time we were number 2 in Europe for several weeks behind The Last Ninja 2 which sold Rob kept on asking for more functions for manipulating character sets and blocks of 5x5 characters for the full screen scroller.

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My first real graphics breakthrough was a copy I drew of the Salamander arcade cabinet artwork seen on the disk version of Hunter's Moon. For the past two years, I've been working with John and Steve Rowlands formerly known as Apex on developing this concept further and together we have had three Gameboy Color games released.

Pistachio and Lemon - 64% Cacao. Hand made in New Zealand using one of the world's finest chocolates, this 64% cacao tablet is paired with candied lemon. Achim has posted some interesting information over on Lemon64 forums about a new game for the Commodore Space Trip is an expanded version of. Oct 17, - This collection showcases games playthroughs from the classic Commodore 64 computer, charting its evolution chronologically, with in-depth.

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The game engine was crippled by the ridiculously sprite intensive main character that I designed. Other than that, life is sweet when I'm seeing me darlin' girlfriend Sara. Every time the graphics would change and the requirements of the engine would get twisted and messed around with, and ultimately we ran out of steam.


Every time I go back, I look at the disk boxes and think back on the good old days. He left under bad circumstances and went to work for Thalamus.



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    During Armalyte and Deadlock, we would have had more money if we had lived on the dole and we were all living with our parents at the time.

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