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Kara singles

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The album is a compilation of their selected Korean tracks. This also marked the first time that a doll-based on South Korean idol group has been released because in the past, figures were created for celebrities in Korea, namely actors.

Kara singles


On December 14, Kara released a short version of Orion. They also released their Japanese single titled ' Go Go Summer ', which was used for the commercial and was promoted at the same time.

Kara singles

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The tour started on September 1, at Zepp Nanba in Osaka. The album is a compilation of their selected Korean tracks.

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Countdown on February 25, The fragrance is a special gift for the fans and to bring them even closer together. The group was featured in a video message for a show called Arashi no Shukudai-kun , hosted by Japanese idol group Arashi. According to industry representatives, the group has used some of their spare time recording songs for the album while they were busy promoting their fourth Japanese single, "Go Go Summer!

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On August 6, their agency revealed the album's title, Pandora , based on Greek mythology. The music video was released on February 22, garnering more than 90, views in the first 2 hours.

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By the end of September , the mini-album has sold over 90, copies. The group was selected as the winner of the prize for the considerable achievement they've earned during the year of as one of the most favored Hallyu stars.

Dec 29, - Honey was pretty huge, I remember when it won dance of the year at some year-end thing I think lol Too bad there's no digital data for that +. Jump to Japanese Single: Summer☆gic & 8th mini album: In Love - KARA promoting "Summer☆gic new Triple A-side single, Summer☆gic. Jump to Singles - Singles[edit]. Further information: List of songs recorded by Kara "Rock U", , 7, —, —, —, —, —, —, Kara. "Pretty Girl", 2, —, —, —  Singles‎: ‎

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Video about kara singles:

The group eventually released their third Korean studio album titled Step , on September 6. On May 27, the group successfully concluded their first Japanese tour in Saitama.

Kara singles

In August , the group came out with a documentary on M. Instead, the group announced that all proceeds from the single will be donated to Japan's natural disaster relief aid.

Kara singles

Kara singles

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    On December 14, Kara released a short version of Orion. Officials said, "Kara shows a sophisticated image on stage while outside the stage, they show a friendly image" [] On October 28, , it was confirmed that Kara was chosen as the new models of one of the three biggest Carrier companies in Japan, "KDDI", showing their popularity.

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    The single ranked in various music charts and proved to be very popular in Japan.

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    They explained that the girls will be "reinterpreting the myth to express the most captivating and beautiful woman of this generation".

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    The said online shop proved to be a big hit and rose to 4th place in popularity among celebrity owned internet shopping mall sites.

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