Jun 30, - How do you handle a passive aggressive coworker at work while staying professional? But the passive-aggressive person also believes life will “only get passive aggressive behavior can “shine light on the truth, disarm.

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How to disarm a passive aggressive person

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To learn the 7-step morning ritual that will keep you happy all day, click here. So what do you do about it? No matter what happens, retain your sense of inner calm and peace. The battles you can win are all with yourself.

How to disarm a passive aggressive person

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Totally up to you. Have you ever worked with someone who agrees to help you with a report, but never comes through? So how do you punish bad behavior with someone who is itching to paint themselves as the victim and you as the jerk?

How to disarm a passive aggressive person

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Other people are passive. So how do you punish bad behavior with someone who is itching to paint themselves as the victim and you as the jerk? Do whatever you think is right.

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You May Also Like: The only thing that makes it worse is if that person is your boss. And then we have the passive-aggressive bunch: Whitson says that passive aggressive behavior thrives in the workplace because people may feel unable to voice their feelings in such an environment.


People who regularly use passive-aggressive behavior see people who do not as easy targets for manipulation. Once you stop trying to change them and their ways of handling situations, however seemingly ineffective, you are working in the right direction.

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If you show them this behavior works, you will get more of it. Here are some useful tricks to deal with passive aggressive behavior when it confronts you:

Jan 14, - If the person you have a conflict with is being passive-aggressive, try using honesty to disarm their behavior and focus the conversation on the. Apr 28, - Disarm Passive-Aggressive People with Honesty Cold shoulder treatment: Not only is it the worst way to let someone know they did. Jun 19, - Have you ever been mislead that someone was in agreement with a project or task? They smile and say, “Sure thing, I'll get that done,” only for.

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When asked about it, the person has several different excuses. No matter what happens, retain your sense of inner calm and peace. Your words must reflect an understanding of their view of the world, rather than demanding that they accept yours.

How to disarm a passive aggressive person

You were clear about what you wanted and they followed through. You might as well demand that they speak in rhyming couplets.

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