But the recent reports of the Mumbai Police deciding to restrict sex workers to just The building is barely a few hundred metres away from Lamington Road.

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Grant road mumbai sex

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When they are allowed to leave the set-up, they are most probably a victim of life-threatening diseases like AIDS, without any place to go. They call for more tea and start talking about some of the men who buy sex, laughing over their fetishes—like this man who would make them drink beer and ask them to piss in bottles so he could drink it.

Grant road mumbai sex

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Beyond the truth of exploitation, the women here have become dismissive of the men who visit them. The police truck gives me the strength to go approach a few pimps and ask them if they can get a prostitute to agree to an interview. They glitter like fireflies in sequinned saris; the powder on their faces makes them look like ghosts. They are pushed into the trade at a young age, at times even before they attain puberty.

Grant road mumbai sex

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We tell them to wear condoms, but they manage to slip those off as they enter us. They want this girlfriend experience. Life was hopeless back then also and it still is.

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They want to urinate on our bodies. The black is ugly, they agree.

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Zeenath Pasha, a eunuch who owns a brothel in Gulli No 14, says the men who walk up the stairs are not to be taken seriously. By the late 19th century it all changed. Someone locked their door from the outside; someone threw a petrol bomb in through the window. The black is ugly, they agree.

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There is a man who visits with Amul butter, honey and jam. They think they are too smart for us, she says.

Kamathipura (also spelled Kamthipuram) is a neighbourhood in Mumbai, India. It was first It was bounded by Bellasis Road on the north, by Grant Road on the south and the main road across, Falkland Road. . Gender-based violence among female sex workers of Kamathipura, Mumbai, India: A contextual analysis. Thursday night, in South Mumbai's Grant Road, Mumbai Police busted a sex racket in a five storied building. Police have arrested women, in which some of. Dec 27, - Sex workers in Kamathipura, Mumbai's red-light district, say they don't like kissing. It is disgusting. Their mouths stink and they always want.

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I decline the offer politely and come out of the complex dodging the I-pill satchets and used sanitary pads that dot the sides of the narrow, dark exit. Yet, many have fallen into that trap.

Grant road mumbai sex

She had a daughter, and a madam she ran into advised her to keep morality aside and sell sexual services to bring the child up. Apart from the obvious need for sex, she found: It is a strange life.

Grant road mumbai sex

Grant road mumbai sex

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    As most women have no formal education, they have no knowledge of how much they earn.

  2. Akinom says:

    These are places where they can play out their fantasies without any fear of reproach.

  3. Vulkis says:

    The building is barely a few hundred metres away from Lamington Road, a place frequented by customers seeking bargains on the latest gadgets. They order more tea.

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