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You do not play as yourself when playing the game, but as an imaginary character. You can read Part 1 here , Part 2 here , Part 3 here , or follow the entire series on her blog.


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Your traits define where you want this to go. Every type of player will be able to find something they love in it — be it the role-playing, winning together, playing a strategic game or simply spending time with someone special.


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For others, faith deconstruction can be like losing a parent: For each chapter and as the story evolves, you will discard some of these Story Ending cards. But they are no longer set in stone.

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In the end all choices in the game add up and shape the balance of your relationship. And it was really fun.

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We just dived into these characters. If you want to go more in depth, you can access a beta-version of the rules here. Please contact me directly so we can calculate the correct amount. This is enough to conceive countless variations of archetypical love stories.

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They are fans of the game and enjoy playing it together, jockeying for a common middleground. Fog of love is not about your destination, but your journey towards it. Please contact me directly so we can calculate the correct amount. The presentation will be revamped completely in the final version.

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For some people, the deconstruction experience can be overwhelmingly positive and freeing. The game has many new, unique mechanics, and basically defines a new genre of role-playing games. What I love most is that sometimes you'll win alone, sometimes together with your partner, and sometimes you'll lose, alone or together.


For various reasons, many of us have found ourselves dismantling our belief systems and questioning long-held assumptions. The game is basically cooperative, but it does not assume cooperation. It interrupts the status quo and creates something entirely new.



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    Please bear in mind that this is work in progress. Jesus demonstrated a radical way of being in the world that undermined and transcended the human need for separation, hierarchy, and systems of control.

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    Both are long time role players and board gamers and enjoy playing out the crazy relationships they somehow end up with. All stories are made up of scenes.

  3. Kigahn says:

    Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

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    Fog of Love has simple rules and is easy to set up, since the board serves as a clear guide for all content. Please contact me directly so we can calculate the correct amount.

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