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Most of the time, it's one sided, and anyone who attempts to criticize a point may cause emotional uproar just like an average social media site where a questionable opinion is more popular than the other and anyone who disagrees will get bashed. Possible hypocrisy in comment. There may always be that one person who does disruptive behavior.


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That would probably be anyone who comments and has an account. Guests might however count too especially if they have an account already.


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The Main Community What counts as the main community? However, I do not agree that just showing a furry art piece is itself interesting, and the sad problem about the site is that most of the posts are usually reviews, news of random crime, and possibly other things with little to no interesting information.

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Some Is Interesting, Many Aren't Many parts of the website does indeed talk a lot about furry stuff, after all, it's a furry focused site, which includes four-legged anthropomorphic characters. There are some articles that at least try to give criticism, but does that automatically make it food for thought?

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Reacting to a comment that had nothing to do with defending having sex with children. What if the person possessed it for crime report?

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Was that one an interesting message? The site was also meant to include similar material to the e-zine Fuzzy Logic , but this never materialized in significant amounts. What about fictional certain porn? makes no claim to the content supplied through this journal account. Articles are retrieved via a public feed supplied by the site for this purpose. News, features and videos for furry fans. Topics include conventions, games, comics, websites, animals and the media. From Richard Adam's book Watership Down - it's a word that's part of the rabbit language Lapine - it means any exceptional food to rabbits, such as lettuces.

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Telling me to leave. Are they alone interesting? History[ edit ] Flayrah pre Flayrah was originally spun off from a news site hosted by Aureth's Cornwuff Press.


The News The news is perhaps slightly interesting. On here though, we may depend on the majority for this one and who is more known and is active. It's almost as if Flayrah is expecting a furry to be "perfect" and if not, they expose it like it's breaking news.



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  1. Tauhn says:

    There are some articles that at least try to give criticism, but does that automatically make it food for thought?

  2. Zoloktilar says:

    The problem with this system is that it usually allows others to consider interesting criticism to be considered "poor" while terrible comments get praised. Though is that an excuse to judge it, though?

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