Sep 13, - Sometimes this existential depression is tied into the positive disintegration experience referred to by Dabrowski (). Existential depression.

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Existential depression intelligence

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So, people with intrapersonal isolation often experience self-doubt and may lack trust in themselves. Yes, you will never be able to be them, feel as them, see as them, but you can learn from them and come to better understand their version of reality. Logotherapy, a form of psychotherapy developed by Viktor Frankl, might be most suited to existential depression as it deals with the search for meaning in our lives. They are highly sensitive to the injustices in society and the unfair and unequal opportunities afforded to different members and groups.

Existential depression intelligence

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This measure was created to assess existential anxiety, but it can also be applied to existential depression. This can ultimately lead them to question their own existence and the purpose of life, if there is any. And, this is because there is no generic definition of this term—as, it is a feeling and is therefore subjective to the person experiencing it.

Existential depression intelligence

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Loss of interest in pretty much everything else because it is seen as meaningless. Questioning our human existence, that is—no longer existing in the Universe.

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The anxiety and fear of experiencing the event of dying. Existential depression is a serious condition, one that is sometimes overlooked by healthcare professionals or mistaken for some other pathology. A US study using The Scale for Existential Thinking only on non-clinical subjects found that subjects of Indian origin scored higher, suggesting a possible cultural influence.

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You may have faith in your own beliefs, your own views, your own heart and soul. Furthermore, there are some sources also not peer-reviewed claiming that existential depression is more common in gifted individuals.

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For example, a person born and raised in a particular religion may someday face existential isolation. To feel meaninglessness can imply that a person has lost motivation in the things they once enjoyed. Interest that borders on obsession in asking deep questions about life, death, the universe, and the purpose of it all. It is a form of depression that occurs when a person begins to question the reality of their lives, their purpose, free-will, and their insignificance.

Existential depression refers to the depression one might feel when pondering the meaning of life. It oftentimes affects highly intelligent people whose own. Psychologists note sensitive, creative people can be particularly vulnerable to existential depression, and that making meaning in life can be crucial. Irving Yalom, in , wrote about near necessity of an existential depression. He basically suggested that a certain level of depression is normal, if not essential.

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These can cause the resurfacing of questions and existential concerns that have long since been put to rest. Because at the end of the day, the human life is short, and once a human greets death, then everything they ever did during their life will no longer cease to exist. Whatever form it takes, faith is like a spiritual immune system, preventing the existential diseases that threaten the mind.

Existential depression intelligence

As we previously mentioned, humans strive to seek a purpose for their life. These can cause the resurfacing of questions and existential concerns that have long since been put to rest.

Existential depression intelligence

Existential depression intelligence

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    They see the infinite web of connections between people, the influence a person has on his surroundings, and the diverging paths that stem from the choices we face.

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    Freedom Anxiety and Assumption of Responsibilities As I mentioned, humans are prisoners of their own minds.

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