Nov 16, - Forge your time if they avoid like, we men have great manners, there no. Congo to his girlfriend, subscribe. Congolese men and congolese.

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Congolese guys


And always smell lovely. It makes recommendations including far greater promotion of gender equality in schools and public policy and a massive campaign of psycho-social care for boys and girls exposed to multiple forms of violence at young ages. To punish a rival armed movement, they say: Such women have no qualms sampling the best of Congolese machismo, you know.

Congolese guys

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David Masha, another lingala fan, seemed to concur with Onyango. Not only are they bought beers and other expensive drinks, but are also given lifts in luxurious cars.

Congolese guys

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Their shoes are the latest make and their colognes and aftershaves are the loudest in town. There are women who maintain them in posh residential areas or apartments in Kilimani and Lavington. Others are single women with well-paying jobs looking for a nice time since they are not in serious relationships. One Congolese star we chose not to mention him , previously a darling of Kenyans, continues to shock fans as he is always spotted performing in small pubs, never mind he used to command a five-star billing a few years ago.

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Such women hang around clubs like vultures. But closer to home, who does not recall a mysterious Kenyan woman who paid Sh, in cash to release a famous Congolese artist held at the Industrial Area Police Station?

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There are not educational opportunities to change these attitudes. That's what responses and interventions must focus on. These must be supported and strengthened. One Kenyan woman who is bonkers about Congolese artistes spoke to Crazy Monday:

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The preliminary report notes: There are women who maintain them in posh residential areas or apartments in Kilimani and Lavington.

Jun 17, - If you want a Great women or a great man just marry a Congolese man or women. They are one of countries in Africa that does not have sexual. Aug 10, - The funny thing about this is that Congolese men don't have money at all. Most of them are broke, yet women will still go to great lengths to take. When Kenyan women are not stalking mzungus, then it's Nigerians or Congolese men. The Congolese men drive Kenyan women crazy simply because they.

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In this environment it is clearly worse. The more men are educated, the more they respect generally women. Emmanuel Mwashumbe, a rhumba and lingala music enthusiast and presenter at Radio Maisha says it is not so much the honey-coated voices and ndombolo moves that attract women like bees to nectar, but their manner of dressing.

Congolese guys

This attitude is also a question of education. The preliminary report notes:

Congolese guys

Congolese guys

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    So I took her in the middle of my shop.

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    Truth be told, there are some businesswomen in town who earn more than they need.

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    The men were very open and said they would like groups discussions more often. Some seem to wake up from their sleep and head straight to a performance with unkempt hair and unwashed faces.

  4. Kera says:

    These must be supported and strengthened.

  5. Dousar says:

    They also pointed to Congo's incendiary mix of conflict, poverty and weak law enforcement as causal factors in need of urgent redress.

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