Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), also called Communist Party USA, left-wing political party in the United States that was, from its.

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Communist party usa platform

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Hundreds of thousands of family farms have been put on the brink of extinction, squeezed by agricultural corporations, banks, wholesalers, and retailers. Poverty and lack of opportunity compel large numbers of young people to enter the military and face possible loss of life in one war after another. One of the most crucial ways of increasing the strength and unity of the working class as a whole is organizing the unorganized.

Communist party usa platform

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Most workers now average four different occupations during their lifetime, many involuntarily moved from job to job and career to career. This surplus is the source of profit. All officers and members of leading committees may be released or removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the committees to which they are responsible. People from Caribbean countries who have English as their first language have different issues than those from the Caribbean whose first language is Spanish or French.

Communist party usa platform

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Increasingly, the developing countries have challenged the trade alliances aim to regulate international economic relations in the interests of the transnationals and their home countries, particularly the U. The death penalty is sought for lynchers and anti-semitic propaganda is to be banned. Though the labor movement has shrunk in the U.

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Such body shall elect a hearing committee that will set a hearing within 60 days of the date of receipt of the appeal and notify the appellant of the hearing date and location. The National Committee shall organize and direct all undertakings of importance to the entire Party. The National Committee shall submit a financial report to each National Convention. It may seem safer in the mattress but historically, Wall Street is a good place to put your money.

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He founded in the early s the Mattachine Society , America's second gay rights organization. In that sense, the overall qualities of the current stage of struggle are also an objective limitation determining what strategy and tactics can accomplish until a new political environment replaces that overall balance. For applicants from areas where no organization is in place, the National Committee shall set up appropriate forms for welcoming and incorporating new members.

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Over 45 million people are continuously without medical coverageover 70 million are without medical coverage for at least one month each year. The National Committee shall submit a financial report to each National Convention. Members of the State or District Committee shall be elected in such manner and number as the State or District Convention may determine.

I was just reviewing the platforms of the Democratic Party and that of the Communist Party USA. What I found is not only are they strikingly similar, but they agree. May 1, - Like fellow movements around the world, the US Communist Party suffered a of an improbable political survivor - the Communist Party USA. Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), also called Communist Party USA, left-wing political party in the United States that was, from its.

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Young people lack job training and face great uncertainty in the job market. See, it is very silly to give money and attach strings on how it is to be used.

Communist party usa platform

Racially and nationally oppressed people live and work in every region, in every state, and in every major city. Many features of special oppression cut across class lines and affect to some degree all members of each oppressed social group.

Communist party usa platform

Communist party usa platform

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    When the United Toilers of America, a group that adopted the same tactics as the WPA, combined with the latter organization, the party renamed itself the Workers Communist Party, finally settling on the name Communist Party of the United States of America in

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    The income from dues and initiation fees shall be apportioned among the various subdivisions of the Party as determined by the National Committee. The state became a direct instrument to accumulate capital for the monopolies.

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    The National Committee shall submit a financial report to each National Convention.

  4. Kagagami says:

    In the Communist Party, all decisions are arrived at through democratic procedures, emphasizing the maximum input from members.

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