Apache Commons Logging is a thin adapter allowing configurable bridging to other, well Categories, Logging Frameworks Compile Dependencies (3)  Repositories‎: ‎CentralApache ReleasesIBiblioI.

Commons logging maven dependency

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Note that rule number 2 really only applies to executable artifacts. Alas, the world is not perfect and there are many third-party libraries that do have dependencies on particular SLF4J bindings and logging implementations. They should invoke SLF4J to log but should let the end-user configure the logging environment.

Commons logging maven dependency

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At present time, only logback supports marker data. The one and two argument variants do not incur this hidden cost and exist solely for this reason efficiency.

Commons logging maven dependency

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How does SLF4J's version check mechanism work? It should be noted that if the SLF4J binding and the underlying API ships with each application not shared between applications , then each application will still have its own logging environment.


Please note that all bindings depend on slf4j-api. Third, most log output formats display the message on a line, followed by the exception on a separate line. As of SLF4J version 1.


It is reasonable to assume that in most projects Wombat will be one dependency among many. It serves to designate the location where arguments need to be substituted within the message pattern. Indeed, a binding is always required at runtime, but the presence of multiple bindings would result in unpredictable behavior. In the case of commons-logging, it's fairly simple:

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If the logger is static, then it will only be retrieved once when the hosting class is loaded into memory. Note that SLF4J versions prior to 1. Third, most log output formats display the message on a line, followed by the exception on a separate line. It seems that the current consensus considers requiring an accompanying message as a good a thing TM.

Disable then re-enable dependency management (right-click Maven->Disable Dependency Management then Maven->Enable Dependency Management. Apache Commons Logging is a thin adapter allowing configurable bridging to other, well known logging systems. License, Apache Categories, Logging  Used By‎: ‎8, artifacts. dependency> commons-logging trentonmakeswords.org#artifactdetails|commons-logging|commons-logging||jar · share improve.

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Note that rule number 2 really only applies to executable artifacts. While one can come up with a seemingly working SLF4J-wrapper within hours, many technical issues will emerge over time which Wombat developers will have to deal with. Thus, wrappers are usually dependent on the major version they were compiled with.

Commons logging maven dependency

Conforming SLF4J implementations may choose not to participate, in which case, no version check will be performed. Configuring or dealing with the intricacies of five different logging wrappers is not exactly exciting nor endearing.

Commons logging maven dependency

Commons logging maven dependency

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    Indeed, the TRACE level is by default disabled in log4j and logback as well most other logging systems.

  2. Kigasar says:

    However, if the hosting class is shared between several applications, then all instances of the shared class will log into the context of the application which happened to first load the shared class into memory - hardly the behavior expected by the user.

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