Think the person you're talking to online might not be who they say they are? Here are six tell-tale signs you're being baited by a catfish.

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Catfishing signs

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Look for distinguishing features in every picture and make sure they match. If nothing is found, try a few photos and see what crops up.

Catfishing signs

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Some are just in this for the thrill of the power, deception and control over someone else whilst playing their games. Various things motivate people who catfish.

Catfishing signs


They are reading you at this point, taking notes, earning your trust. This is a quick and easy background check. It will put you on guard when you come across anything that is mirroring these types of situations.

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Their pictures may look overproduced — as in professionally done — and they may claim to have other amazing jobs as well. They will fall head over heels for you very quickly and will be very full on from an early stage. Nothing adds up and their photos are looking increasingly fishy… Try talking to them:

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Nothing adds up and their photos are looking increasingly fishy… Try talking to them: Things should move slowly… Reverse psychology Do they over emphasise how honest, loyal and committed they are? Catfish profiles or messages sent on Social Media tend to be very full on, giving away the hopes of the relationship they seek from start to finish. You could try and reason with them to encourage them to axe the pretence and to come out as themselves.

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If you are going to meet up with someone online, we would strongly recommend that you do it in a public place like the shopping Mall. Phil also says you should watch out for those contacting you from Facebook profiles with few friends.

Nov 20, - 10 Signs of Catfishing. Online Relationship is Progressing Fast. You Only Communicate Via Text. Some of Their Stories Just Don't Add Up. They Seem Too Good to be True. Their Social Media Pages are Lacking. They Ask for Favors, Financial and Otherwise. They Have Too Many Excuses. Minimum Daytime Interactions. Here are some tips for spotting a Catfish: Too good to be true – photos. Do they look like a model? Too good to be true – life. No photos or webcam. Saying exactly what you want to hear. Too serious, too soon. Asking for money. Very low Facebook friend count. Traumatic life events. Dec 4, - Discover the twelve tell-tell signs that you are interacting with a catfish online in social media networks or on popular dating apps.

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Sometimes it happens, but we learn from our mistakes and move on. The identity could be simple — just a few fake pictures and stats — or it could be complex — whole faked life stories all aimed at luring someone in. Little did I know that as we spoke, he was doing exactly this to his wife and several other women as well.

Catfishing signs

Scammers know that anti scam technology software on the sites will likely pick up trends in conversation and shut down the profile. Some are just in this for the thrill of the power, deception and control over someone else whilst playing their games. This plays a big part in their game.

Catfishing signs

Catfishing signs

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    Early on in these online relationships, you should have no problem meeting them face to face.

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    Do you have any mutual friends?

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