Capricorn man and Pisces woman compatibility. secretive an revengeful knowing that what their doing really is hurting them in the inside of their inner selves.

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Capricorn man hurts pisces woman

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Thanks guys ;o Well I only had time to read about half of them but thank you so much to everyone who wrote something! And there have been very few times that I have taken to a woman so well in such a short time. I felt so lost and unhappy of missing him I decided to end it.. But we kept in contact.

Capricorn man hurts pisces woman

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He put me at ease immediately and he could sense my insecurities and made it a point to let me know how sexy and beautiful he thought I was. I had been racking my brain on how to tell him that I had fallen in love with him. Their dreams and goals in life will undoubtedly be quite different, but it does not mean that any relationship between the two is destined to fail.

Capricorn man hurts pisces woman

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Get a personal astrology reading to learn more. I know you have said that it takes time for a cap man to open up to you but this was not the case with him.

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The sex drive was fantastic, had the same ideals, she wanted commitment and me too. OMG, his intellect, humor, and sexuality has made me a wreck! He is more worried about my wants and needs which I've never had a man like that before.


How does this happen in just two weeks? A Pisces woman, on the other hand, lives in her dream world and would rather not face reality.

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He will want information about all her previous partners and will also want to know why she prefers him to them. I didn't want push forward and confe ss how much I would love to take her out, I get the feeling I should. A Capricorn man believes in proving his worth with the results.

Relationships between a Capricorn man & a Pisces woman may have early growing pains & take time to form, but can be wonderful. Learn more about this loyal. Capricorn men are nothing less than strong and solid men. Pisces women When you hurt a Pisces enough, you will come home one day to an empty house. Love compatibility between Capricorn man and Pisces Woman Disputes can arise if Capricorn is too grim for Pisces' easily hurt feelings. Pisces needs to.

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The closest I got was When I was 16, I met my now husband who is also a Capricorn. Her deep emotional needs lead her to others like her, but she will never turn down anyone looking for friendship or a listening ear.

Capricorn man hurts pisces woman

I'm a Pisces young lady and He is a rather gorgeous Cap man. He assures me over and over that he isn't and is being loyal.

Capricorn man hurts pisces woman

Capricorn man hurts pisces woman

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    I had to leave state for a month for my daughter he said his heart was broke so he hurt me.

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