May 13, - For the past five years of my year marriage, communication and affection have broken down. I wanted to leave, we discussed it. But I didn't.

Attracted to coworker but married

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You get to choose. I refuse it, but am torn whether to express my opinion that they should refuse it.

Attracted to coworker but married

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It is okay to be excited and a little infatuated over new friendships. Look yourself in the eye -- no kidding, head to the mirror -- ask yourself dead on: This is great news.

Attracted to coworker but married

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You have someone who volunteered to have it not be all on you. The way I read this, you got a little scared, got a little wake-up call, but you value this friendship too much to give up on it easily. Get a crush on someone else.


And you'll feel better too, I promise. If you think she might be prone to catastrophizing the situation, avoid it.

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My wife and I have been to hell and back and everything in between. The only conclusions I see is that 1 you won't tell your spouse 2 you are "committed to continuing this friendship". Simpson is interested in your family life, and your place in it. Immersing yourself in life outside of the workplace can be helpful, says communication consultant William Gorden on his website, "Ask the Workplace Doctors.

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I know, you're all thinking WTF, we've all given you good advice, and you're just throwing it to the wind and you're going to keep hanging out with her and you'll F up, but I owe her this continued friendship too, at the very least not weirding out and avoiding her for no apparent reason. You do need it, as much as you don't want to admit it.

If you're attracted to a married coworker, you're asking for double trouble. between the two of you has the ability not only to complicate your work life, but to. Aug 12, - Why does my married male coworker constantly flirt with me (I'm also . attraction can/will fade with time when no action follows but at work it  I'm married and have an intense crush on a coworker and the. May 13, - For the past five years of my year marriage, communication and affection have broken down. I wanted to leave, we discussed it. But I didn't.

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Take some time--maybe some time off work, your marriage is important enough for this--and make up your mind what you're going to do. So if you want to kill this crush, step one would be to confess and get thee to counselling.

Attracted to coworker but married

One day you'll wake up and it will be as though someone had thrown a switch, and all you feel is kind of embarrassed. Well, which way do you want this to go?

Attracted to coworker but married

Attracted to coworker but married

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  1. Bara says:

    Sometimes these feelings need to see the light of day before they start to lose their power.

  2. Braramar says:

    Maybe you've all sobered me up from this or maybe I sounded a bit farther gone than I really am, but I feel like I'm not quite as close to the brink as I might have made some of you feel.

  3. Mogar says:

    Figure out what you really want, what this lady represents to you.

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