Jul 24, - It was Thursday, May 1st, five days after Aron Ralston had first entered Utah's Bluejohn Canyon on what should have been an eight-hour.

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Aron ralstons arm

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You're not talking to yourself, Aron. After running out of food and water on the fifth day, Ralston decided to drink his own urine.

Aron ralstons arm

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Aftermath of accident[ edit ] Mountaineering and adventuring[ edit ] Ralston in the mountains of central Colorado, near Independence Pass, Aspen , in After the accident occurred, Ralston continued to climb mountains frequently, including participating in a expedition to climb Ojos del Salado in Chile and Monte Pissis in Argentina. When asked why the epiphany that leads to his freedom came through anger and not his more characteristic rational thought, Ralston gives a particularly good answer. Ralston provides his voice on The Simpsons episode " Treehouse of Horror XXII " as the voice on the other end of Homer's phone when he calls for help after getting trapped in a similar situation to Ralston himself. But he also realised it was time to settle down.

Aron ralstons arm

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It's almost pathetic to the extent that what I really needed was a humbling and what happened? He began stabbing the blade of his knife into the dead skin of his thumb. The knife tip goes in and, 'pssstt', the gases from decomposition escape and there's this putrid smell. He did so, then amputated his forearm with his multi-tool , using the dull two-inch knife, which lasted about one hour.

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He brushed some grit from his trapped thumb and a sliver of flesh peeled off "like the skin of boiled milk", he remembers. He returned to the accident scene with Tom Brokaw and a camera crew six months later, on his 28th birthday, to film a Dateline NBC special about the accident in which he scattered the ashes of his arm there, where, he said, they belong. Although he played his videos to his parents, he decided he would never allow them to be shown in public.


It was no longer up to me. Ralston then had an epiphany that he could break his radius and ulna bones using torque against his trapped arm. It didn't have anything to do with logic, it had to do with the sensation, the feeling of the bone just bending in a really weird way. He made several futile attempts to chip away at the boulder with his utility knife — but it was already fairly blunt and this just made it worse.

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The snap of his bones "like, pow! He did not expect to survive the night. It hit 1 in New Zealand and Australia, and is the 7 best-selling memoir of all-time in the United Kingdom. We threw resources at it real quickly.

Jan 6, - Forty-eight hours into his ordeal, a trapped Aron Ralston took a Using a blunt knife from his multi-tool, he began amputating his arm. Dec 8, - Six years ago, with his arm trapped under a boulder, Aron Ralston made the agonizing decision to cut it off to save his own life. On Tuesday, the. Jul 24, - It was Thursday, May 1st, five days after Aron Ralston had first entered Utah's Bluejohn Canyon on what should have been an eight-hour.

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It crushed his arm and left Ralston pinned against the canyon wall. It does not, however, fully describe his "gruesome" moment of revelation. He was rescued four hours after amputating his arm.

Aron ralstons arm

After having experimented with tourniquets and having made exploratory superficial cuts to his forearm, he realized, on the fourth day, that in order to free his arm he would have to cut through the bones in it, but the tools available were insufficient to do so. It was like fireworks going off — I was going to get out of there. But he also realised it was time to settle down.

Aron ralstons arm

Aron ralstons arm

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