Ann Dermatol Venereol. ;(9) [Anitis, vulvar edema and macrocheilitis disclosing Crohn disease in a child: value of metronidazole]. [Article in.

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However, the hyperkeratosis persisted. Indeed, in most cases, biopsy is not necessary [ 8 - 11 ] whether in women or in men: Diagnosis of genital dermatosis included in the study was taken clinically.


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Furthermore, 1 of these men and this woman reported mild adverse events: This results were obtained with the twice a day recommendation to apply the ointment but we assume that a times application per day might be even more beneficial.


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At visit 3, 1 man and 1 woman had no more symptoms. Unilateral or bilateral vulvar edema is highly suggestive of Crohn's disease even if the classical digestive inflammatory signs are absent.

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The ointment is not a treatment of lichen sclerosus, but these results demonnstrate that this product may represent a useful enhancement to corticosteroids for these latter can be responsible in cutaneous adverse events in case of lengthy treatment. Demonstration of perianal lesions erythema, pseudocondylomatous formations must not mislead the diagnosis sexual abuse. However, the hyperkeratosis persisted.

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There were no digestive signs and the diagnosis of Crohn's disease was obtained on the basis of granulomatous epithelioid infiltration of biopsy specimens Bauhin valve, anus, vulva. However, the results can be modulated based on etiologies.

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If in doubt, a cyto-bacteriological examination has ruled out patients with infection and thus liable to anti-infectious therapy. The proper observance of the protocol can be interpreted as positive regarding the effectiveness of the ointment.

Aug 19, - Download Citation on ResearchGate | Anitis — Cryptitis — Papillitis | Inflammatory processes within this transitional zone cannot be separated. Citation: Bohbot JM, Druckmann R () Efficacy and Tolerance of a New Ointment in Non-Infectious Vulvitis, Anitis and Balanitis. J Genit Syst Disor doi. An acute inflammation of the tissues surrounding the anal sphincter due to trauma: usually the result of of a severe ass-raping.

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Thus, by reducing genital symptoms, the ointment is likely to improve the quality of sexual and general life of our patients. However, the hyperkeratosis persisted. Tolerance was good to excellent and the best results were achieved by longer lasting application with 6 month.


This results were obtained with the twice a day recommendation to apply the ointment but we assume that a times application per day might be even more beneficial. It is difficult to evaluate their efficacy due to the spontaneous variability of disease expression.



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