Here is a detailed comparison of JotForm with Contact Form includes specification, features and prices.

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Small business sales departments — Today, many businesses use web forms as a sales instrument, especially for lead collecting and e-commerce check out. Forms are also accessible on mobile terminals. If you need more than this number of if you find that you need additional services not provided in the free account, you will need to use their subscription level service.



Web design and development agencies — can find some special features on ContactForm, apart from the main form building facilities. JotForm offers monthly pricing options.


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Publishing the form is the easiest tasks of all. The fee can be one-time or recurring for donations or subscriptions. However, ContactForm has special security scripts that clear any possible issue.

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A great element for web accessibility is field branching in multi-level forms dynamic forms. The Silver and Gold plans only offers limited features, with limited forms and form submissions.

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The full features are only available on the most expensive plan, with quite an expensive monthly price. Once a user fills in the form, you receive a copy of the submission by email, even to multiple addresses if you wish. Forms are also accessible on mobile terminals.

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How cool is that: Twitter0 Forms roll all key online interactions:

I agree to the terms of service have read and accept Johnson Outdoors Inc.'s Privacy Policy and eCommerce Privacy Policy. I've always gotten frustrated with Contact Form for my website, but for a change Form Builder was a perfect alternative to Contact Form. It was actually. Using contactform To Process Your Forms. The reason forms are so difficult to most people is that they require processing by a hosting provider as the.

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Marketing executives — Most market studies in the era of the Big Data rely heavily upon online surveys for testing variables such as customer satisfaction and loyalty, business demographics, pricing perception. It provides a drag-and-drop form creation tool, along with complete analytics to monitor the performance of your forms.


Thousands of small businesses are already using ContactForm. Provides a free basic service with full features and no ads.



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    Make a donation to keep gotFusion alive This page was written by and is maintained by turtle. It requires server and database administration, tricky debugging and hours of working time.

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    JotForm offers monthly pricing options. How can you make use of ContactForm?

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    If you need more than this number of if you find that you need additional services not provided in the free account, you will need to use their subscription level service.

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